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photo ka on jalbum

i’ve created a smooth slideshow of the photo ka sessions. you can view it here.


Dream Home

This is Casa Aquino, a truly amazing Mexican house by architect Augusto Fernandez Mas.

What impressed me most is the reading room – now that would be the ideal place to enjoy a great book on a Sunday afternoon. Or maybe write myself a few words on an old piece of paper.

Bertrand Benoit made a beautiful 3D model of the house. Again, the reading room impressed me much.

Well, you know what they say, dream on, dream on..

Boston Dynamics Big Dog (new video March 2008)

Godsmack drum solo / battle

what a wonderful world

by ysabellabrave

and the original

Absolut Morning.

Un concurs al celor de la Absolut Vodka.

remgriff’s Absolut Morning:

Absolut Morning.

voturi aici.

slow motion

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